fredag 15 februari 2013

Nyttfiske-Robbo går till DAM

International Angling Freak Robbo Jonsson goes to D.A.M. - Deutsche Angelgeräte Manufaktur

Robbo is a professional angler from Sweden who is very well-known in the international angling scene.

Robbo eats, sleeps and lives fishing. You could actually call him a real fishing nerd. Robbo is always sniffing out new trends, and keeping his eyes and ears open for interesting trade talk or market news.

He is the host of a famous Swedish fishing web-show on, for which he travels around the world to interview famous anglers and fish the coolest spots.

As for fishing he is in the boat or on the bank for about 100-150 days a year, testing products or just cracking a code.

We at DAM are of the opinion that Robbo has exactly what it takes to successfully represent our many brands worldwide!

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